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Oooh! Frightful Carpet Scenarios

carpet maintenanceWhen’s the last time you had a good scare?  The kind that makes your heart jump into your throat, your blood pressure spike, and your entire body break out in a cold sweat.  Maybe it was at a creepy movie or maybe when your kids jumped out at you in a dark room.  Reactions to these kinds of frights varies.  Some people hate that fight-or-flight reaction while others live in happy anticipation of the next surge of adrenaline.  But there are other kinds of scares that no one wants, like the ones that result from failing to regularly and properly clean your carpet.

Creepy Returning Stains

Have you ever had the surreal experience of thinking you’ve gotten rid of a stain only to have it appear again in a day or two?  If you have, you are not going crazy.  You are just experiencing the phenomenon of wicking.  The stain has permeated the layers of your carpet and saturated the pad beneath.  When this happens, the carpet fibers will continue to pull the stain back up to the surface even after a cleaning.  To avoid these stains that refuse to die, deal with stains quickly and completely when they occur.  For tough stains, call in the stain experts at Langenwalter to banish all traces of any stain you encounter.

Chilling Health Difficulties

In all good movie thrillers, the terror just keeps building with one scare after another.  That makes a good movie, but few of us want the kind of excitement in real life.  Yet it can happen.  The horror of a mold infestation can be compounded by health problems brought on by mold.  Mold-related health problems can be quite serious and difficult to treat.  Carpets that are dirty can also aggravate asthma or breathing difficulties.  It is vital to regularly clean carpets to rid them of pathogens, allergens, and other irritants.  Regular professional carpet cleaning will keep these health fears from becoming reality.

Sinister Stubborn Smells

While not as serious as actual physical sickness, smells can be pretty scary as well.  It is no surprise that smells can originate in soiled or dirty carpets.  Common substances producing unpleasant odors include residue from previous spills, pet urine or other biological materials, and nicotine from smoke.  These smells become embedded in your carpet over time and eventually they fill your whole house.  After a while you may not even smell them anymore.  But your guests sure will.  You don’t want your home to be known as the haunted house with the sinister smells.  Regular carpet cleaning done right will help you keep these odors at bay.

Terrifying Warranty Loss

Most of us like to protect ourselves as much as we can against the fearful circumstances in life.  Insurance and warranties are a few ways that we keep ourselves safe against the costs of disaster.  When you purchased your carpet, chances are it came with a warranty.  Consumers with a warranty enjoy the confidence of knowing that carpet which wears out prematurely can be replaced (depending on the details of the individual warranty).   Yet did you know that most warranties require that carpets be professionally cleaned with a certain frequency?  If you fail to follow the required cleaning schedule, your warranty can be invalidated!  It is important to check your warranty and schedule cleanings at the proper times to keep your warranty protection in place.

Whether you love the thrill of a good scare or try to avoid any fearful situation that may occur, you will definitely want to avoid the scary effects that can easily be prevented with regular, reliable carpet cleaning like the kind offered by Langenwalter.  Call us at 317-876-9944.

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