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The Stains of Summer

As the saying goes, you have to take the good with the bad.  It is often true that some of the most enjoyable times in life can be accompanied by unwanted and unpleasant developments.  Summer is filled with many opportunities to have fun and make memories.  Unfortunately, these same activities may leave behind evidence on your carpet as well as your memory.  Here are some common pastimes that may leave summer stains that endure long after summer has faded.

Kid Fun

You want your kids to have fun, especially over summer break.  But why does fun have to be so messy?  That’s a good question – one that no one seems to have an answer for.  Without school to occupy them for 8 hours a day, you can expect your kids to be on the hunt for ways to keep themselves busy.  That’s good for your kids, not always good for your carpet!  Dirt, mud, and grass from outdoor activities can be deposited onto the floor or the furniture.  Craft supplies like paint, glue, markers, and crayons may be spilled or ground into the carpet.  Experiments can quickly deteriorate.  Even snacks might cause problems.  Kid-friendly fun is not without its downside!

Pet Adventures

In summertime, kids aren’t the only ones having adventures.  Pets get in on the action too.  In the warm weather, pets are more prone to take advantage of their time outside to have some fun.  Chasing a squirrel into the woods, rolling around in the grass, running through a mud puddle, or digging in the dirt – these are all wonderful summer adventures.  Wonderful for your pet, but not so wonderful for your carpet and furniture!

Picnic Leftovers

Before you start to think that your kids and pets are the only ones to blame for stains, consider your own contribution.  Summer is the perfect time to entertain with picnics and cook-outs common during the warmer months of the year.  You may think that this won’t affect your interior since they are held outside.  However, guests tend to track through your house more than you think.  Food can also be spilled in all the activity and may even be crushed underfoot without being noticed.  Additionally, rain forces some picnics indoors, where dirty shoes and hurried trips with full plates can leave you with unwelcomed picnic leftovers all over your carpet and furniture.

Vacation Surprises

One of the best parts of summer is the summer vacation.  Many of us look forward to a vacation all year long.  Yet the anticipation can quickly turn into dismay when you return to find flooding in your home.  When your home sits empty for even a few days, weather conditions or a malfunctioning appliance can go unnoticed.  If these mishaps involve water, the results can bring an abrupt end to the relaxation of vacation.

Fortunately, in each of these situations, Langenwalter can help.  Whether you have a particularly nasty stain, carpet or furniture in need of a good cleaning, or a water emergency, we will take care of it for you.  Call us at 317-876-9944 or schedule online at your convenience.  Have all the summer fun you can find and let us take care of the summer stains!

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