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The Benefits of Our Referral Rewards Program

It’s always nice to be appreciated.  Everyone enjoys receiving thank you notes or even a simple spoken word of gratitude.  At Langenwalter Carpet Cleaning, we truly appreciate our customers and want to make sure that they know we do.  Without our great customers, we would not be the service business we are today.

What Is our Referral Rewards Program?

Over the years we have developed our Referral Rewards Program as a way to thank our customers for the highest compliment we could ever receive, a referral to their friends and family.   How do you receive a referral reward?  For every NEW customer that you send us, we will mail you a Referral Certificate for an amount equal to 10% of what they spent on their first cleaning or water damage job.

Benefit #1: You Share

Our Referral Rewards Program is designed to get you thinking about your friends and how they might benefit from Langenwalter’s unequalled service.  If you are impressed with the work we have done in your home or office, why not share your experience with friends, family, or co-workers?  In this day and age as it becomes impossible to find competent service providers, start spreading the word when you have great service. Who knows – maybe more companies will take notice and start changing for the best!

Benefit #2: You Choose

Another great benefit of our Referral Rewards Program is that you can choose how to receive your reward.  We know that not all of our customers are alike in their preferences and needs so we give you options.  Your first option is to put your reward towards your next Langenwalter service.  The second is to receive your reward in cash.  A lot of our customers choose these options.  However, we also have a lot of customers who choose our third option, which allows them to give back with no effort on their part.

Benefit #3: You Make a Difference

The third option, which many of our customers love, is to donate your reward to the charity of your choice.  At Langenwalter, we have always believed in giving back to our community.  In fact, since we opened our doors in 1995 we have donated over $85,000.00 to charity, a lot of which was donated on behalf of our wonderful customers!!  (Visit our website to see a list of charities that we support.)  It is also our pleasure to be able to encourage our customers to give back through the Referral Rewards Program.

There really is no downside to our Referral Rewards Program.  We get another opportunity to show why we are the highest rated carpet cleaning company in the area.  Your friends get to experience the difference Langenwalter makes on carpet, tile, wood flooring, upholstery, or water extraction.  Summer can be tough on your carpet with kids at home, pets tracking in dirt, and the sudden rain showers resulting in impromptu indoor picnics (or worse yet, a basement full of water).  Call us anytime or schedule online at a time that is convenient for you.

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