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Back to School Means Back to Clean

Back to school is all the buzz right now.  It’s just that time of year.  Our last blog provided some tips for making your transition back to school a smooth one.  As we focus on going back to school, we cannot ignore the effect of the transition on your home.  If your family includes school-age kids, the environment of your home changes drastically when school starts.  On summer days, the home is the hub of activity, which also makes it ground-zero for the mess that inevitably accompanies kids!  Once school begins, the home becomes like a ghost town, eerily quiet and seemingly abandoned.  That’s what makes this time of year a great time to take your house back to clean…and here is a good plan for getting a clean house in 3 easy steps.

Let It Go

Kids are infamous for their ability to collect and hoard.  They acquire material possessions of varying degrees of value and do not want to let them go.  Their long days at school give you a perfect opportunity to sort through these “treasures.”  Library reading program prizes, outgrown toys, random notes and papers, rocks and other bits of nature.  Many of these can go without being missed.  Parents can be collectors and hoarders, too, so make sure you go through clothes and donate the ones that no longer fit or aren’t worn anymore.  Getting rid of things that you don’t use will reduce the clutter and make your home easier to keep neat.

Put It Away

As you make decisions about what to let go and what to keep, you will find items that you don’t need right now but you don’t want to get rid of.  This may include seasonal items that are used often in the summer but never or only rarely in the winter.  It may also include sentimental objects.   These things should be stored away instead of allowing them to take up room in your living space.  Attics, basements, and top closet shelves are great places for these types of belongings.  Larger outdoor or sporting equipment can be moved to storage sheds once the weather turns cooler.  Putting away things that you aren’t using will make it easier to find what you do need.

Get It Clean

Once you’ve thrown out and put away the jumbled mess that accumulated through the summer days, you’re ready to get down to some serious cleaning.  The dirt that inevitably accompanies all the summer activities needs to go as well.  That’s where Langenwalter can help.  We will help you get your house clean again as we deep clean your carpets, your wood floors, your tile, and even your upholstery.   Say goodbye to the dingy build-up that results from the summer procession of dirty feet.  Erase the stains that you hadn’t even noticed in all the bustle and busyness of the season.  Our expert cleaning technicians will do your dirty work for you and help you restore beauty and tranquility to your home.

While the return to school is clearly marked on the calendar, other events are less predictable.  Water emergencies are rarely anticipated and never scheduled.  Yet when you have water damage in your home, it must be dealt with quickly and efficiently.  Langenwalter’s water remediation team is ready to respond to your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Call us at 317-876-9944 to schedule your regular cleaning or to handle your water disaster.  Either way we will get your home back to clean!

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