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Getting Your Patio Ready for Summer Entertaining

It took a long time for spring to settle into central Indiana this year, but it looks like warmer weather might be here to stay.  Before long, we will have forgotten about the cold weather and we will be complaining about the heat and humidity of summer.  Then we will be ready to hang out on the patio.  It’s there that we’ll spend our lazy summer afternoons and our late summer evenings.  As you begin to plan your family gatherings and neighborhood cook-outs, you’ll want to get your deck or patio looking good.  Here are 5 essential elements to perk up your patio.

A Comfortable Atmosphere

When it comes time to entertain, keeping your guests comfortable is the priority.  A little planning in your patio set-up can make this an easier task.  Make sure you have enough seating for guests as well as tables for dining.  Spread out chairs or create smaller sitting areas to avoid feeling cramped.  A thoughtful arrangement of your patio furniture will help create an inviting and comfortable atmosphere for your guests.

A Shady Spot

In the hot days of summer, it is important to provide plenty of shade for your guests.  Many patios enjoy the natural shade of large trees.  However, some houses do not have that advantage.  Making your own shade can be a little more challenging but it can be done.  If you are handy, you can construct a pergola.  Shade sails provide an easier and more temporary solution.  Another option is a portable awning that can be put up and taken down as needed.

Blooming Beauties

One reason we love our patios so much is that they allow us to enjoy nature.  The warm sun and the cool breeze are part of a patio’s allure.  Flowering plants on the patio only increase the enjoyment.  Most home improvement stores carry a wide variety of flowers in the spring and summer so you can find some that fit your tastes.  Design your own planter using bedding plants or simply buy one already planted for you.  You will be surprised how just a few pots of flowers can quickly add beauty to your deck or patio.

Strings of Lights

Christmas isn’t the only season for decorating with strings of lights.  It has become trendy to use lights similar to Christmas lights to decorate outdoor areas throughout the year.  These small bulbs emit a soft light that adds beauty as well as functionality to your patio.  They can instantly transform your deck or patio into an elegant space.  At the same time, they also provide some dim lighting as your party continues into the dusk and dark hours of the evening.

Colorful Cushions

Another way to add a splash to your deck or patio is with colorful cushions.  Cushions are a must for outdoor furniture, such as sofas, loveseats, chairs, and swings.  They not only make furniture more comfortable but they also add interest to your outdoor areas.  You can express your own style by replacing neutral cushions with colorful ones that fit your taste.  Add a few outdoor throw pillows to make the area even more luxurious.  If your outdoor patio furniture cushions are dirty and drab after spending the winter outside or in storage, Langenwalter can clean them for you.  We will get your patio cushions their cleanest and ready for entertaining in no time.

Now is the time to get your deck or patio ready for a summer full of entertaining.  The Indy 500 will be here soon and that is always a time of celebration.  (Speaking of the Indy 500, be sure to check our Facebook page for information about our latest contest.)  It doesn’t take a big project to create an inviting place to gather family and friends.  Just a few small touches can perk up your patio or deck in no time.  We are happy to do our part by getting your patio cushions clean and beautiful.  Don’t forget that we’re also here to keep your indoor areas looking great too – even if the unfortunate event of water damage occurs.  We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week when you need emergency water remediation.  Call us at 317-876-9944 for immediate attention.

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