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Winter Weather Can Cause Water Emergencies

As residents of central Indiana, we are all holding our collective breath.  We are looking at the calendar and thinking that we only have a few more weeks to wait for the first signs of spring.  But let’s be honest – it’s only February. Indiana weather can change before you blink, and winter is not over until it’s over.  With a month of potential winter weather to endure, we can’t afford to grow careless.  We would be wise to continue to watch out for the problems that winter brings, including water emergencies.

Burst Pipes

It has been a relatively mild winter this year.  After a deep freeze early in the season, our temperatures have rarely dipped into arctic territory.  However, low temps may still be in our future.  When bitterly cold weather sets in, a major threat for homeowners is freezing pipes.  Pipes that freeze and burst can quickly create a water emergency.  To avoid freezing pipes, faucets on exterior walls should be left on to a drip during times of extremely low temperatures.  Leaving cabinets open can also keep pipes warmer and prevent freezing.  Additionally, water to outdoor spigots should be shut off before cold weather arrives.

Ice Dams

Few of us would pick a winter day to inspect the roof.  There can be a lot happening on your roof before you are even aware of a problem.  One problem that can easily arise in cold weather is an ice dam.  It happens when ice forms and does not allow water to flow freely off the roof.  Often this occurs because warm air from inside the house melts snow and ice that re-freezes when it contacts the colder surfaces of the gutters or overhangs.  This phenomenon can be aggravated by gutters that are clogged with leaves and other debris.  Ice dams can be avoided by ensuring that attics are adequately insulated and gutters are clear.


We tend to think about flooding as a spring problem, but the truth is that winter weather conditions can also cause flooding.  Some winters deliver storm after storm, dumping inches of snow and ice.  Then suddenly, an unexpected warm-up hits.  While we are hesitant to complain, warmer weather will inevitably cause all that snow and ice to melt.  Add a little bit of rain, and you can have a lot of water that can find its way into your home through a leaky basement or cracks in your foundation.  These flaws should be fixed as soon as they are found since you never know when ground-saturating weather will occur.

Prevention is the common thread here.  In all these scenarios, homeowners benefit greatly from taking the small steps of preventative maintenance.  Yet sadly there will be times when prevention is left undone or just simply isn’t enough, and a water emergency will catch us by surprise.  When you find yourself confronted with water damage, Langenwalter has experienced water restoration technicians ready to clean up the mess.  Give us a call at 317-876-9944, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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